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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
3:15 pm - oiy

hey I'm new here so if u want to know who i am reply to zis and i will say.............until then I AM NO ONE!!!!!!!! muahahahaha

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
6:31 pm

This doesn't get updated very often, does it?.............................. . . . . . . . . . . dots

current mood: high

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Friday, August 13th, 2004
10:56 am

I think we need a banner of some sort.

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
9:21 pm - Lifeless Again.

Ahh, it seems whatever life I might have been getting has disappeared! LOL!

current mood: geeky

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
9:58 pm

I can fly

current mood: chipper

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6:26 pm - Google Searches.

a: 3,640,000,000
b: 373,000,000
c: 518,000,000
d: 648,000,000
e: 915,000,000
f: 271,000,000
g: 234,000,000
h: 246,000,000
i: 1,320,000,000
j: 240,000,000
l: 563,000,000
m: 443,000,000
n: 386,000,000
o: 451,000,000
p: 315,000,000
q: 139,000,000
r: 291,000,000
s: 739,000,000
t: 634,000,000
u: 229,000,000
v: 285,000,000
w: 310,000,000
x: 348,000,000
y: 400,000,000
z: 197,000,000

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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
8:31 pm - HOLY MOLY!!

I have just reliased that I might be actually getting a life!! AH! I figured this out when I was reading through my journal! lol

current mood: crazy

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5:41 pm

Hey Hey Hey! Ujmm so yeah now I can actually post here because Megan and Laura! So y'all get 20 bazillion brownie point!! SCORE!

current mood: bouncy

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4:48 pm

Woot woot. Look who joined. That's right, me. Yeah...I got nothing. I'm sitting here...in pajama pants...at almost 5 pm. If it's any conselation I did take a shower today, and I am wearing new clothes. Yeah, what now?! Thought you had the one up on old Louie. Taught you didn't I. HA!

Thought I'd spice it up with a completely random post.

There's a Santa doll sticking out of the hole in my wall. The doll belongs to my sister. The hole belongs to no one. It refused to reform. I think I'll name it Communist Checkard-slo-skirtiya. Yep, that's how it's spelled.

So...Megan's leaving me for Cranbrook. We'll see about that we will. *brandishes a rope and chair menacingly, then kicks open the closet door with foot* Sarah, back me up here.

There is the of course the alternative solution of me dressing as a pirate and hiding under Megan's bed. I can be the imaginary friend that everyone sees. This is sounding better and better! *tosses chair aside* Muahahaha! Cranbrook won't know what hit them. It'll be headline news, "Is Girl Pscho...or Not?" and no one will know. I'll make it seem as though the whole world's crazy. Then when I have no highschool education because I've spent my years hiding under Megan's bed, I'll either continue following Megan around for her adult years or start something underground, who knows what but you can bet it'll be good. You'll all of course get complimentary services (whatever they may be) even you unappropriate, and I've got no clue who you are. Yes, this sounds like a dandy life.......Anyone got a pirate costume?

current mood: creative

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
4:19 pm

If all members could advertise this community in their journals, that'd be just peachy.

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
2:08 pm

One more thing: What do we add to our interests?

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1:43 pm - Just a briefing.



winterlullaby  and I are your Vice Presidents.  We won't have actual presidents, because presidents (supposedly) do things and therefore have lives.

Feel free to post whatever the hell you want in this community.  If you say something we don't like, you'll know.  Remember, we have little to know life and are easily entertained.

So, I leave you with this: Potter Puppet Pals

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
2:15 pm

I'm wearing high-heels for fun right now. For FUN!

By the way, I'm your Vice President.

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1:41 pm

technically i do sort of have a life, but garneldo said it was okay for me to join. so... hi there.

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